Horizontal Dropper

Horizontal droppers

Dosing systems for versatile use

Horizontal droppers are often referred to as rim droppers or all-round droppers. These dosing systems cover a huge range of uses. They are used in application areas in which the precision of the droplet volume can vary somewhat. This variance is caused by the user holding the bottle in different positions of approx. 120°–150°. The droplet runs over the edge of the dropper and does not touch the neck of the bottle. This prevents liquid from accumulating on the outside of the bottle.

These droppers are often used in the homeopathy sector (plant-based preparations) or for essential oils.

We will select a horizontal dropper that is ideal for your medium. Just send us a sample of your product.




Fits on threads:

DIN168 GL-18 (DIN 18)
DIN168 GL-22 (DIN 22)


For oily, slightly viscous fluids
For alcoholic and aqueous fluids
R 07/21
For alcoholic and aqueous fluids
Globule dropper

Raw material:

Polyethylene (LDPE)


Universal applicability for fluids of various viscosities
Solid substances contained in a fluid (e.g. plant-based matter) do not impair the dripping properties
Compact component construction for easy-to-use screw fastening