Vertical Dropper

Precise dosing in pharmaceutics and diagnostics

The precise dosing of preparations is often crucial in pharmaceutics and diagnostics.
These high demands are satisfied by Sensoplast vertical droppers.
Very accurate droplet volumes with low tolerances can be dispensed with the bottle held at 180° (upside down).

The drops run out of the centre of the central drip tube. The air tube is positioned to one side. Dripping speed and droplet size/weight depend on the diameters of the drip tube and air tube and on the consistency of the fluid.

Sensoplast supplies numerous different vertical droppers to cover the wide variety of dosage instructions.

We would be glad to help you select the right vertical dropper for your requirements. Simply send us a sufficient amount of your preparation along with the desired bottle size and dosage instructions. We will conduct dosing tests on your behalf and then recommend an optimum combination of closure and vertical dropper products.


Fits on threads:

DIN 168 GL-18 (DIN 18)


Standard vertical dropper
Compact vertical dropper

Raw material:

Polyethylene (LDPE)


Accurate dosing of drop size and weight.
Minimises incorrect dosing by users as the position for holding the bottle (180°, upside-down) is unambiguous.
Can be combined with all Sensoplast DIN 18 closures.