Pipette Assemblies

Easy dosing and drug application


Pipette assemblies are a simple and market-tested product that can be used both to dose and apply fluids. Sensoplast provides a huge range of different types and lengths made from AR clear glass in hydrolytic class III. In addition to the length of the pipette, you can select various teat materials and closure types. The bottle is sealed by the teat.

They can be manually closed or closed in filling and sealing systems using semi-automatic or fully automatic processing.


The following closure types can be used:
  • Standard closures (SV) made from PP
  • Tamper evident closures, one-piece (TE1), made from HDPE
  • Tamper evident closures, two-piece (TE2), made from PP and HDPE (ring)

Pipette types:

  • Angled ball tip (standard)
  • Straight tip
  • Tapered tip
  • Various other tip forms


  • DIN 168 GL-18 (DIN 18)
  • PP 28 (DIN 6094-7)
Pipette graduation options:
  • White, red or black ceramic colour
  • Red-brown stain
Rubber teat raw material:
  • Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
  • Natural rubber (NC)
  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Nitrile rubber (NBR)