Essential Oil and Fragrances


Essential oils

From A to Z: With over 300 essential oils in stock, we can cover the entire alphabet – and, naturally, the full range of scents – in this area.

In over 65 years of ongoing work, we have built longstanding partnerships with dependable, quality-conscious suppliers. What sets us apart is that we not only deal in pure natural oils, but also offer a wide variety of specialty products, such as absolues, natural colorings, and other natural products. We also develop and produce natural and synthetic reconstructions, blends, and essential oil mixtures. This expertise has made us a highly regarded point of contact and supplier for the entire industry.



With us, flavour is not a matter of taste. Our flavourists, product developers, and application specialists develop authentic, true-to-life, and distinctive flavour profiles.

Our extracts made through distillation or maceration are developed and produced specifically to meet requirements in the alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage industry. In addition, we have a wealth of expertise working with flavourings for confectionery products and baked goods. Across all of the fields where we work, we always focus on one thing: the distinctive taste that marks the crucial quality difference in your product