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Dosing systems guarantee that fluids are dispensed in perfect doses. Alcohol-based liquids have noticeably different flowing and dripping properties than, for example, essential oils due to their specific viscosity. It is our aim to match your dosing system perfectly to the physical properties of the fluids in use.

Sensoplast offers a huge selection of dropper and dosing inserts that meet the needs of the individual physical properties of the fluids.

Each screw cap version allows all types of closures in our supply range to be combined with all dosing systems. These properties of the closure and dosing systems make our packaging solutions as flexible as possible to satisfy your requirements.

We can supply you with complete systems, i.e. we pre-assemble the closures and dosing inserts to enable them to be screwed directly onto the bottles. If your sealing system requires the closures and dosing inserts to be fed in separately, we can supply the plastic components as separate pieces.

We can produce our products in any colour you desire.

Our range covers the following products for sealing, dosing and drug application:

Horizontal droppers

Horizontal droppers are often referred to as rim droppers or all-round droppers. These dosing systems cover a huge range of uses.

Vertical Droppers

The precise dosing of preparations is often crucial in pharmaceutics and diagnostics. These high demands are satisfied by Sensoplast vertical droppers.


Similar to Sensoplast horizontal droppers, pourers are used in applications that allow a certain amount of tolerance regarding the dosing precision.

Spray inserts

Spray inserts allow very thin liquids to be cleanly dosed.

Syringe adaptors

The syringe adaptor is integrated in the cap before filling and remains there until opened for the first time.